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Join in Solidarity With Those in Need

Muslims, Christians, and indigenous religious minorities are an integral part of the Arab world. Even before the dawn of Christianity or Islam, Arabs shared a common culture and civilization. Most Middle Eastern Christians have been raised in the Arab culture– profoundly influenced by Islam. And Arabs became some of the very first followers of Jesus Christ! As a non-militarized and non-partisan civilian community, these Christians pose no threat to any community or government. They also stand with tolerant Muslims—who make up the vast majority in the Middle East—against discrimination, persecution, and violence. As such, Arab Christians living in the Middle East are vital for peace with justice. Arab and Middle-Eastern Christians are also a vital bridge for positive East-West relations. Arab Christians have been heavily active for years in building interfaith tolerance by challenging western stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims, and by educating western Christians about the real Islam, distinguishing faithful people of good will from extremists.

Arab and Middle Eastern Christian citizens within Arab Countries have historically had a peaceful coexistence with their Muslim neighbors and countrymen. Arabs, regardless of their faith, share a common culture and civilization built on a rich blend of Muslim and Christian practices. Additionally, it is recognized that the two Abrahamic faiths are compatible, that they are based on similar foundations of respecting human dignity and caring for one’s neighbors. One example of this true compatibility is the interfaith community of Palestine where Christians and Muslims exist in solidarity, aiding and protecting one another despite differences in creed.

Most recently, a variety of political factors have broken this coexistence in various regions of the Middle East resulting in persecution and expulsion of Christian citizens, most particularly in Iraq, Egypt and Syria. Masked as religious doctrine, these politically-driven violations are carried out by extremists in the name of Islam.

Collectively, we recognize that the persecution of Christian citizens, unimaginable in the acts themselves, also violates our faith communities and even our Creator. This coalition is our expression of solidarity and commitment to the Common Good. In alarm and deep concern for Arab Christians & other religious minorities under attack, and with a clear understanding that peace, justice and freedom are only possible in a culture of coexistence, we pledge to remain united in addressing the challenge of this new extremism
and to restore the communal relationship of co-existence among neighbors.

We extend an open invitation to all people of goodwill to join us in this call to action.