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Our Goals

We recognize that both the current conflict and potential for future suffering can only be addressed through more systemic and long-term efforts. Therefore, to achieve our mission of alleviating the suffering that past persecutions, loss of life, and expulsion have had on Arab and Middle Eastern Christians, we set the following goals:

Reclaiming the legitimate Muslim voice to defend Christians – Muslims within this coalition recognize that our name and voice are being used to perpetuate these persecutions. We feel an even stronger call to action than our Christian brethren to remain steadfast in challenging extremist activities in our name to persecute our Arab and Middle Eastern Christian brothers and sisters.

Providing and Sharing Models of Hope – Despite the tragic repercussions of extremists, there are beacons of hope with communities (e.g., Muslims helping persecuted Christians, the Palestinian Christian/Muslim solidarity model) in existence. By providing a spotlight on these models, we hope to embolden and encourage others to replicate these efforts and help existing efforts gain valuable resources (both financial and human) to expand their good works.

Developing Grassroots (People to People) Relationships – Both Christian and Muslim leaders recognize that “the Church” and “the Umma” are not buildings or ideas. They are people. It is not merely enough for religious scholars and leaders to make statements but rather we commit ourselves to create opportunities for the treasures of our faith, all worshippers, to have mechanisms to also become actively engaged in this campaign in the form of grassroots movements.

Providing Financial/Material Relief – The loss that persecuted Arab Christians have endured is catastrophic. We are committed to providing financial and material support to individuals and communities that have lost their homes or loved ones (e.g., breadwinners) and now need basic needs fulfilled as a result of their persecution.

Ensuring Resiliency – While the persecution of Christian citizens is a crisis event in a number of regions, once the crisis is addressed, it will be important to further coexistence by planting the seeds of peace within the youth to ensure that this never happens again.

Amplifying the Voice of Victims – Those that have survived persecution need to share their stories for so many reasons. To deal with their grief, inform the West and motivate people of goodwill to become more engaged in resolving the current crisis.

Honoring our Creator – We must never forget that both of our Faiths are centered on our Creator. We commit to keeping His Will in all our actions knowing that doing so is the best witness to His Mercy and Grace and in itself will serve as the differentiation from those that have hijacked His Name against the Common Good.